Monday, 9 December 2013

Amplimesh Bird Proofing

Amplimesh Bird Proofing

Amplimesh was chosen as the bird proof mesh in the recently completed Hammersdale Mall in Mpumalanga. The Amplimesh Type 101A has an aperture of 20mm x 40mm ensuring even small birds find it difficult to enter the shopping area bit it still allows the free flow of fresh air into the public areas.

Amplimesh is manufactured from an aluminium extrusion so maintenance to prevent corrosion is not an issue. The mesh can be powder coated or anodised to various colours in order for it to match the aesthetics of the structure.

Amplimesh can be fitted into most standard window systems or it can be installed using specially designed aluminium extrusions. Either method gives as strong and secure installation.

Amplimesh has been used in a wide variety of security and access control applications. It is strong and durable and is capable of meeting most mesh requirements. Should you require any further information please visit our web site or contact us directly on 033 3869291.