Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Gorilla Aluminium Security Products by Alifab

Gorilla Security Products

Gorilla Security Products manufacture a range of Security Gates and Window Guards. These all aluminium security products are ideal for areas where rust is a problem. Being made from aluminium they are corrosion resistant. The use of high strength aluminium alloys ensures the products preform at the highest security level.
Gorilla security gates are available in 2 types

·         Swing gates
·         Sliding gates

-          The standard swing gate fits directly onto the outside face of a standard door frame.

-          The standard sliding gate fits into the reveal of a standard patio door.

Gorilla Security Products use Amplimesh Type 103, manufactured by Ampliform, in all their products. Amplimesh is an aesthetically pleasing expanded aluminium mesh that provides a perfect screen for a security gate. Gorilla Security Products have designed and developed frames for mounting the gates, simply and effectively.

All gates can be fitted with insect mesh to keep out the other bugs. The effectiveness of this screen always depends on how well the gates are able to be fitted. If they can be fitted well the gates act as a perfect insect screen.

Amplimesh Type 103 is small enough to keep our monkeys and strong enough to prevent baboons from entering through any open door. This now allows people to leave there doors open even in areas where monkeys are a nuisance.

Our Window Guards are manufactured in a similar manner to the gates. They offer the same attributes as those of the gates.  Window Guards are available in 3 different styles, to suit the window type.
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