Friday, 9 November 2012

News from Ampliform / Alifab

After a long break it is time to update everyone with our latest news.

After a very tough 12 months where we have had to work very hard to make the books balance it looks like the tide may be turning. There have been a wide variety of projects awarded and we are getting our fair share. Our marketing efforts over the period are at last bearing fruit.

Bad news for the aluminium industry is the increase in the price of aluminium announced by all the extruders recently. We have been fortunate though, in that we have not had an increase for quite a while. The increase has however affected our prices but we have tried to limit the increase as much as possible. Please consult our websites or offices for the latest pricing.

The demands of labour after the recent mining unrest have made us all uneasy and we can only hope that the effect it will have on our workforces will not be too inhibiting to our current progress.

On the employee front we welcome Mr Ray Savin to the company. He has joined us in our marketing and sales department as we intend to take full advantage of the coming upswing. We hope Ray has a long and fruitful relationship with the company.

Should you have any projects or products requiring aluminium input give us a call so we can help resolve you needs.

Till later